What is a blog?

What is a blog?

A blog is a website where you make regular entries (called ‘posts’) on a topic or range of topics. Some blogs are like personal journals, whilst others might have a more professional focus. Blogs are mostly made by individuals.

What is a post?

A post is something that you write on your blog. Posts are the core part of your blog, and may include commentary, opinion, descriptions of events, reflections or links to other sites and materials. Each post is ‘tagged’ up with keywords. Posts also include the date the post was created.

How is a blog organised?

Blogs are dynamic and display the latest post at the top. Blogs also normally display lists of ‘tags’ (or keywords – a ‘tag cloud’), and an archive of posts.

What are comments?

Comments are responses that readers of your blog make to your post. Readers normally respond to the initial post, and generally not to each other’s comments (unlike in a discussion forum, where members respond to the discussion as a whole), although this is kind of flexible.

What are tags and categories?

Tags are keywords that are added to each post by the blogger as a way of classifying your content. Tags help your readers to find material on your blog site. Tags are nimble and dynamic and are mostly informal or personal. For example, if I were to post a picture or a story about a beagle puppy, I might tag it as ‘beagle,’ ‘puppy,’ ‘dog,’ or ‘cute.’

Categories, like tags, are ways of classifying your post and they help your readers find content on your site. Categories, however, are generally fixed and are more formal than are tags. Categories serve as a table of contents for your blog.


Megan Poore. Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Australia


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