All about this blog

A real-world blog provides you with an authentic experience of ICTs in contemporary society and that’s why I’ve chosen to use this site as our main communication space for ELPC. For example, the blog allows you to search using tags and to contribute easily, without having to sign on. You can also easily share videos and links if you are an author on the site (but see another post for more information about becoming an author).

Real-world sites are also public sites, but I’ve set this site up so that it blocks search engines but allows regular visitors — that is, people can access it if they have a direct link (e.g., from LearnOnline, which is restricted, anyway). I have also hidden related links on this blog, which means that it won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way. These settings are about as private as they can get without restricting the site to private members only.

You are neither required nor expected to contribute to the blog – if you’re happy just looking, then that’s OK. If you do want to contribute, but don’t want to use your own email address, you can use the lwt email address:

What a lovely picture!


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