Cut-off date for Re-submits

1 September 2010 is the absolute last day that I will accept work I have requested to be re-submitted. If I don’t get all your work by then, you will be given a Fail grade.

If you haven’t checked LearnOnline, your UC email, or your grades lately, then you probably should.


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2 Responses to Cut-off date for Re-submits

  1. Sami Kate says:

    Hi Megan and everyone else… Finding it a bit sad that winter semester is over. Just wanted to say that Megan for a great class…was lots of fun and I learned lots. Hope you enjoy a teaching break this semester.


    • Megan Poore says:

      Hey, well thanks for the comment, Sami 🙂 I hope everyone’s going OK with the start of the new semester — wasn’t much of a break, was it? If I’m in my office and the door’s open, feel free to say g’day, everyone, OK?

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